Wow! I wasn't really expecting to get anywhere follower-wise when I started out working on this website for fun. That being said, I'm really happy to know people appreciate my website enough to follow it.

To celebrate, I'm looking back at old versions of the site. I don't have them archived, but I have old screenshots from my Tumblr.

The First Draft

This is what I think is my first version of the site. The post I found this on included the phrase "what if like. for funsies I made a neocities website" so I'm assuming this was the start! I'm surprised to see a lack of Nico from Nanbaka considering what the site looked like for awhile (you'll see momentarily).

Anyway, it's nice to see that I started out with the DQ vibes from the start LOL. I really love the green text and that picture of Prince of Cannock is one of my favorites of him. (he's still featured on the site! The lil guy on the left that dies when you hover over him? That's Prince of Cannock from Dragon Quest II!)

This was long before I knew how to make my sites responsive so ofc it has the little disclaimer at the bottom.

The One You Might Recognize!

I say you might recognize this site because I KNOW that old button is floating around on cyberspace. I've seen it a few times in the past year! Again, I didn't know how to make things responsive so it was desktop-only (and probably didn't look good on screeens bigger than my tiny laptop). UGH this site was so cute but so cringe. Like boy I know you kin Nico Nanbaka but can you chill a little? LOL. I really love the medicine bag on top of the text box though! Good addition, past Ansehelm!

Now, this version of this site had different themes for each page category... And I have screenshots of some of them!

This one isn't too different. It still features Nico (and you can see the pinterest extension I used to use in the screenshot LMAO). I'm unsure what all pages used this code, it might've been just the sitemap.

I was super into Guilty gear at this time LOL. Unfortunately, I can't really play it on my 2-in-1 laptop, but I still love the game! I still consider Testament to be my fave character from the series. I really loved this color palette on them too LOL. I remember they used to be on my recipe pages too LOL. This page kinda vibes tbh and if it was responsive or easy to make responsive I might be tempted to reuse it, but alas I think that'd be too difficult/wouldn't really work on mobile.

Last up, my OC page. I drew the book myself LOL. It never really looked how I wanted it to, but it was pretty cool nonetheless! Like the idea was there at least! My current OC site is so so much better.

The Modern Era

Low quality screenshot becuase I wanted to zoom out to show the whole layout (and the scrollbars don't actually look like that at regular zoom lol)! Anyway, welcome to the "modern era" as of April 21st, 2024! This layout has a few iterations I don't have screenshots of, but they were all playing on the same vibe and don't have enough differences for it to matter much (except some of them weren't responsive, the current version is!). I'm super proud of this, especially the "sitemap"! I've definitely improved a ton over the past nearly-2-years!

Now there's the page theme you're probably currently viewing! I wanted something simple since these pages get edited fairly frequently and I didn't want to scroll past lots of decoration just to get to what I want to edit.

I'm a big fan of the Only Pagedoll (the guy with green hair's name is Only, by the way), even if he has an extra buckle on one boot. Which drives me CRAZY but I haven't gotten around to fixing it... now it's documented for everyone to see even if I do fix it... oh well!

Might as well show of the redo of my OC pages, even if they're on their own site now! Much better, huh?

I'm thinking about making wiki-style pages, but for now I think these current pages are plenty nice!

I think that's all I have to say? Other than "thank you" that is! Thanks for 100 followers and nearly 2 years of fun (´▿ `) I had fun looking down memory lane here!