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April 4/13/24
My character, Cypress, as a Kelpie-inspired undead. A scar-covered character with seaweed for hair. He wears a skimpy black outfit that shows his hips and the sides of his legs. He is holding a staff with seaweed and a horse skull. He is facing the view but his eyes look down to the right.
March 03/19/24
my PNGTuber and mascot of this website, Only Wonder!
I don't stream often, but next time I do I'll be using this new model!! A cropped drawing of my new PNG tuber. He is staring at the viewer with his tongue out
MAO from SID in my favorite of his concert outfits. A chibi drawing of the lead singer of the band SID in one of his concert outfits.
Nico from Nanbaka. I ordered some charms with this art and will be selling them one I get them! A chibi drawing of Nico from Nanbaka couched and holding his knees to his chest.
My OCs, Leaf and Cypress Ahlgren. A drawing of my OCs Leaf and Cypress Ahlgren. They are facing eachother and touching their foreheads and hands together.
February 02/27/24
A painting I made for my Cohost A painting of a dark sea with a ship in the background
Nico from Nanbaka. Nico from Nanbaka staring terrified at the viewer as hands reach out and grab him from all sides.
Nico from Nanbaka. Nico from Nanbaka posed playfully. A speech bubble says 'Beware, evil-doers'
Fen Huo and Berry Akaike-Huo kissing and Pomegranate O'Lantern bonking her pumpkin-head against Leaf Ahlgren. All are my OCs my OCs Berry and Fen kissing. My OCs Leaf and Pomegranate attempting to kiss. Pomegranate's head is a pumpkin so she just bonks her head against Leaf's
My Pokemon OC, Stahl. He has his own website here. My Pokemon OC, Stahl, posed with a pokeball
Nico from Nanbaka. A drawing of Nico from Nanbaka aiming a ball of light at the viewer
January 01/24/24
My OC, Asu Naji for the "evil artstyle" challenge, where you do the opposite of your usual style. Prior to this, I never rew chibis and the only time I used oversaturated colors was when drawing Nanbaka characters! A drawing of my OC Asu Naji in a different art style than I usually draw in.
A manga-style drawing of a non-specific Visual Kei inspired character. It was initially meant to be Only Wonder emself, but I ended up scrapping that since I was in-between designs for em. A black and white drawing of a person in Visual Kei inspired fashion
Edits of Pokemon trainer VS sprites, edited to be my OCs Asu Naji, Cypress Ahlgren, Leaf Ahlgren, and Hassan Uzun An edit of a Pokemon trainer sprite to be my OC, Asu Naji An edit of a Pokemon trainer sprite to be my OC, Cypress Ahlgren An edit of a Pokemon trainer sprite to be my OC, Leaf Ahlgren An edit of a Pokemon trainer sprite to be my OC, Asu Naji
A redraw of a page from Chengge Xing/Song of The Long March with Lan Fan from Fullmetal Alchemist and my FMA OC, Mao Liu A redraw of a page from Chengge Xing featuring my OC Mao and Lan Fan from Fullmetal Alchemist.
A sketch of my OCs Asu Naji and Hassan Uzun An uncolored sketch of two men standing next to eachother. One of them says 'someone will die.' The other interjects 'of fun!'
My OC Hassan Uzun A middle aged dark skinned man with a large scar on his head.
My OC Cypress Ahlgren Art of a green haired man covered in scars.


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