There isn't much magic, and what is is vague and incomplete.


It is uncommon to get cursed, but those who have been cursed claim they had an argument or annoyed someone the day before. The current theory is that Magic Users are the ones behind the curses. Curses include heads replaced with pumpkins and people turning into cats. There have also been claims of vines growing around ones limbs.

Magic Users

Magic Users are fairly rare and are subject to a number of laws (that vary country to country) in an attempt to keep them from misusing their magic. Some users have been known to take up jobs as mercenaries or summon Elementals to serve them.


Elementals are humanoids from another plane of existence. Magic Users have discovered how to summon them, and that, when summoned, Elementals have strict rules the must follow (seemingly against their wills).

Elementals are named such not because of special powers related to the elements, but because they seem to come in 4 varieties. These varieties have one color that seems to define them. Blue for water, red for fire, brown for earth, and white for air.

Elemental Rules:

  1. An Elemental cannot directly cause harm to their Summoner.
  2. An Elemental can only be given 1 order by the Summoner.
  3. An Elemental must complete said order before they are free.
  4. An Elemental can never return home.


It's rare, but some magic users are able to use magic for minor healing. Healing magic cannot heal illnesses and has many restrictions to what it can and cannot do. Skilled healers can mend bone, but often, their healing can only work on places they can see or touch. Cleaning wounds is very important even with magic healing as magically healed wounds can still get infected.

Cypress is one of few skilled healers able to mend bone, but he avoids using his powers as they exhaust him.


Magic has limits. Referred to as mana, each mage has a certain amount of power they can use before they exhaust themself. Overexertion can cause injuries and illnesses, often causing blood to come from the eyes and nose. It is also very painful, so it is rare for it to get to the point of major injury.

Long-Distance Vocal Projection

Any magic user can hold long-distance, voice-only conversations, if they know the proper spell and know the 'true name' of whoever is calling / whoever they wish to call.

True Names

The East's resident mage is Cypress Ahlgren, a parson who happens to be fairly gifted with healing magic. His 'true name' is the same as his birth name, although that is not the case for some mages. True names are based on what the magic user most resonates with. It often requires some trial and error to discover your true name, and true names can change over time (which, as you may expect, can be an inconvienience). Pomegranate O'Lantern's true name is Pome, and at one point was something different.