Media Reviews

49 Days by Agnes Lee

Content Warnings: Death, suicide (sort of?)

A simple story about grief and memories, 49 days follows Korean-American girl, Kit, as she goes through the 49 days of Bardo, the days after death and before rebirth. As her family grieves, Kit makes her way, following a map.

The story switches back and forth between showing Kit’s journey and the effect her death has had on her family and loved ones. Kit appears to die multiple times in Bardo, but wakes up perfectly fine the next day (albeit, late for something). She drowns and jumps off cliffs, all in the hope of making it to her goal, the destination marked on her map.

Kit’s family clears out Kit’s old apartment, makes Kimchi Jjigae, and prays at an altar for the deceased Kit. They remember her fondly and grow together as a family as the story progresses.

I don’t have much to say about this book, honestly. It was very simple and purposefully vague, but I feel it doesn’t have much to give. While the artist did a great job with story telling through art (especially pages 142-151, which I think is the highlight of this book), I feel like the story itself was lacking. It’s a really thick book for what little it says.

Final Verdict!

Art: ***00
Story: **000