What is Otherkin?

Otherkin to me is the belief you were something in a past life or an alternate reality, having a strong connection or believing you were/are something. I specifically am Angelkin and Fictionkin. Other people may have other opinions on Kinning and such, so please don't take me as the end-all be-all of Kinning.


I was an angel before coming to earth! I have strong feelings on religion (there is definitely a creator but they suck ass and I hate them, which is probably why I'm no longer in heaven).


Fiction kin is being kin with fictional characters. I have a number of Otherkins, which can be found under the 'kin list' tab.

What does it matter?

It makes me happy and helps me explore myself. I feel it's easier to explain who I am with the context of me being Kin. Ironically I am incredibly shy about being Kin and don't talk about it much. I want Neocities to be my Kinnie safe space though!