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Reika, Kanata, Aoi Midori, and Izuna.
Zonbi / ぞんび (now ZOMBIE) was formed in May 2013 with their first live being July of that same year. Their original lineup consisted of Atom (vo.), Sho / 翔 (gt.) RIKU / リク (ba.) and Kaji / 伽児 (dr.). In 2014 Bassist and lead of the band, RIKU, changed his stage name to Aoi MIDORI / 青井ミドリ (literally blue green) due to his "concerns of earth environmental issues".

In 2015, drummer Kaji retired and was replaced by REIKA. Later that same year, atom seceded and was replaced by Kanata / 奏多.

In 2019, after Sho was fired from the band for unknown reasons, a new guitarist, izuna, replaced him and Zonbi officially changed their name to ZOMBIE.

It was announced on August 21, 2023 that REIKA will be leaving ZOMBIE in December of 2023.

The current lineup consists of Kanata / 奏多 on vocals, izuna on Guitar, and Aoi MIDORI / 青井ミドリ on Bass.

Aoi Midori

Bassist / Band Leader





Currently, Aoi MIDORI has a side-project as a VOCALOID producer, Eiku Miyama / 宮間エイク, who uses GUMI. At the time of writing this, he has produced 2 songs, one being an original song, Kizetsu DANCING GIRL, which was covered by ZOMBIE and a cover of ZOMBIE's song, ULTRA MUSHIKERA BOY. Both are available on his Youtube and Spotify.
Recently, ZOMBIE performed using a kote kei alter-ego called ZONBI / ゾンビ. Each band member has an alter ego name.
  • Aoi MIDORI is JESUS Aoi / ジーザス青井.
  • Kanata is Kabouta / 華亡堕.
  • REIKA is Reika / 零迦.
  • izuna is 127 / 一二七.
Reika, Aoi Midori, Kanata, and Izuna dressed as their Kote Kei alter-egos.
the ZOMBIE mascot, the bacterian. It is a small black blob with horns