Nico Cosplay!

This is a little page with cosplans for my next cosplay. Although I have all the supplies, I can't finish until I get my measurements post-Top Surgery, but until then I can plan and work on accessories!

This page is not mobile friendly and will not be made mobile friendly, sorry!


To Do

Sew Jumpsuit (wait for top surgery)
Sew Purse - In Progress!
Sew Bandages - In Progress!
Restyle Wig - Almost Done!
Purse - attach interfacing to strap, start sewing
Bandages - Almost done with hand, then need to order tights and figure out eyepatch
Wig - Apply spike glue to tips of spikes

To Buy (pt.1)

Ball & Chain
Phone Case
Cane Decor
Shoes (!!!)
Oversized Zipper

To Buy (pt.2)

White Tights
Eyepatch (?)


I decided not to include the rectangle rings on the straps as I'm a novice and they weren't on the pattern.

I designed and ordered custom fabric for the purse and it looks so so good. I'm so excited for the finished product!


I'm a novice sewist, and this is my first major project. Wish me luck, okay?

Nico full ref
Nico with his purse