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VII. (July 13th 2024) Updated my Journal and added a new neighbor to my links page

VI. (July 8th 2024) Updated my Custom Robo Shrine & my Macne Nana Shrine

V. (July 7th 2024) Added a new code to my themes page!

IV. (July 6th 2024 part 2) Added a shrine for my favorite character, Nico from Nanbaka & a shrine for another character, Kouha Ren

III. (July 6th 2024) Added a music player to the homepage!

II. (July 5th 2024) Added a new webring to the links page

I. (July 3rd 2024) New home page and massive reorganization!

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A scar-covered character with seaweed for hair. He wears a skimpy black outfit that shows his hips and the sides of his legs. He is holding a staff with seaweed and a horse skull. He is facing the view but his eyes look up to the right.