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I think the most difficult part of coding a website is figuring out what to put on it... Welcome to my mess of a site!

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A lot of this site is inspired by the early Dragon Quest games. The map tileset, as well as some other sprites around the site, are taken from Dragon Quest 1 & 2 on the Gameboy Color.

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Site Map

pixel art map

Map Key

City pixel art city = Recipes
Castle pixel art castle = Webmaster
Ruins pixel art ruins = Reviews
Town pixel art town = Articles
Shrine pixel art shrine = Shrines
Ship pixel art ship = Original Universe
gif of a pixel art dog stepping in place woof!


Jun 16th, 2024 - Added an article about the ND Rennaisance Faire!

May 31st, 2024 - Added a new journal entry I'll be updating my journal daily now, so I won't mention every time I update it anymore.

May 27th, 2024 - Slowly adding about pages for some oc's, will link their index when I'm done.

May 26th, 2024 - Added a new journal entry

May 14th, 2024 - Added new art to the art gallery

April 27th, 2024 - Forgot to add an update that says I revamped the JRock Webring!

April 22nd, 2024 - Updated the Webmaster page. It's unique now instead of just the same page as my other main pages.

April 21st, 2024 - Added a 100 Followers page where I reflect on past versions of my site!

April 20th, 2024 - Added Cosplans Page, a page of sticky notes planning out my next cosplay.

April 17th, 2024 - Added Teru Teru Bōzu shrine.

April 14th, 2024 - Rewrote the homepage to be less of a mess. Also added an art and an ad box on the homepage (the ad box contains the navlink ads and an ad for my other website!). There's also a new easter egg (it's not super hidden).

April 12th, 2024 - Added a new journal entry.

April 4th, 2024 - Reworked the Shrine Index to be mobile responsive (althought the shrines themselves aren't yet)

April 3rd, 2024 - Minor updates and tweaks to CSS! Also replaced the main silkscreen font with something easier to read (for accesibility's sake, not because it looks good aesthetically LOL)

April 1st, 2024 - Updated the ZOMBIE Shrine

March 31st, 2024 - Updated the art page. It now documents all my art from 2023 and 2024!

March 29th, 2024 - Added an art page that covers all my finished art of 2024 so far!

March 27th, 2024 - Finally added a new journal entry!

March 22nd, 2024 - Added 6 books to my Bookshelf!

March 17th, 2024 - Added a pagedoll to my Bookshelf and updated a few things on that page.

March 17th, 2024 - Added a new media review, this time for 49 Days by Agnes Lee

March 9th, 2024 - Updated the Bookshelf since I bought a new volume of Chainsaw Man today :)

Feb. 17, 2024 - Small fixes, nothing much!

Jan. 1, 2024 - New layout for the homepage and main pages! Happy New Year!

Dec. 17, 2023 - Working on a seperate site for my OCs. Now linked in my sidebar :D

Nov. 2, 2023 - Minor housekeeping!

Oct. 29, 2023 - Forgot to add that I made a Bookshelf page. Currently focuses on manga but might add other books in the future. Just added another manga I just picked up, Demon Slayer vol. 1 by Koyoharu Gotouge.

Oct. 18, 2023 - Updated the ZOMBIE Shrine. I made it mobile responsive since it's my most-clicked page!

Oct. 17, 2023 - Added a Halloween Page for 2023! I might add more to it later, who knows.

Oct. 16, 2023 - Added an Otherkin Shrine!

Oct. 13, 2023 - Redid the Kouha Shrine!

Oct. 12, 2023 - journal entry

Sep. 24, 2023 - journal entry

Sep. 13, 2023 - working on adding alt text to images. Not done yet

Sep. 11, 2023 - Added a link to my Steel Type website :)

Sep. 9, 2023 - Added a review of The Horizon by JH

Sep. 6, 2023 - Added a review of Goodbye, Eri by Tatsuki Fujimoto

Sep. 5, 2023 - Fixed up the last of the main pages. Everything should be working now!

Aug. 27, 2023 - Major update! redid a bunch of pages and redesigned the homepage! enjoy!

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A scar-covered character with seaweed for hair. He wears a skimpy black outfit that shows his hips and the sides of his legs. He is holding a staff with seaweed and a horse skull. He is facing the view but his eyes look up to the right.

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