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Ansehelm Wall

          Hello! You can call me Ansehelm (ahn-zelm) or Selm (zelm) for short. Although my fancy online name has a surname, I promise it's not my legal name LOL. I'm a 20+ disabled queer artist from the midwest. I use he/ey/they pronouns and consider myself a genderqueer, libramasculine bi-gay faggot. I'm also polyamorous but unfortunately single (sorta? it's complicated!).

          I'm a Jack of All Trades, Master of None with a lot of hobbies I'm not really good at, coding included. Digital art is my main hobby, although I also collect figures and other collectibles, read manga, listen to music, sing, write, play role playing games (both video games and TTRPGs), and more. I plan on talking about most of these things on my site, but tend to go through spans of not updating anything so who knows what will and will not make it on here.

If you'd like to talk you can email me at